You Are the Church

Hello church family, I pray all is well with you. I know we’re all beginning to feel a little isolated from another, and missing the fellowship of the church. However, in the New Testament, we are reminded that the early church had no permanent building of its own. Numerous times throughout the scriptures Paul saluted those who had the church in their house. And even the upper room was a temporary place of meeting for the disciples. It’s been said before, but I’m reminded that the strength of the church is not in its building but in the hearts of his people. Jesus said, “the kingdom of God is within you”. Therefore, you are vitally important to the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. So let me encourage you to be praying for one another, taking opportunities to serve and love one another, and remember that we are His church no matter where we are. We look forward to when we can all meet together again, but in the meantime let’s make the best of this opportunity to be a blessing to others.

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