Another Pastor’s Heart

This may seem self-serving, but it’s true for every pastor of every church in our nation right now. Please read:

When Sunday comes…

Your pastors will be standing in front of churches that are totally empty. Preaching to a room of chairs. Carrying the weight of their congregations on their shoulders. Wondering how everyone is doing. Wondering what this is going to look like on the other side. Wondering how the finances are going to fare in light of all this.

When Sunday comes…
Jump on livestream. Don’t watch later cause you’ve got all day. Be on time! Participate in it as it’s happening. Have your pastors back. Pray when prayer is happening. Worship alongside the worship leader. Be present and be engaged. Let him know you’re watching by commenting and sharing. It’s going to be weird, maybe uncomfortable, for pastors everywhere.

Be faithful to your church. I know your newsfeed will be flooded with live-streams from countless churches, but please be faithful to your church if they have livestream available. You can watch the others later.

Finally, be sure and give! Your church still has a budget to meet, bills to pay. Your pastor is still working. Mail in your tithes and offerings to your church. Give online. Whatever ways are available to you to give, please do so. Pastors carry the weight of church finances on their shoulders. It can be a heavy load in good times. But even more so in tough times. Be faithful in tithes and offerings. Keep supporting missions.

Until Sunday comes…
Be in focused prayer and intercession. For your pastor and his lonely Sunday gathering. For your city. For your nation. And for the nations of the world.

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