Hello Philadelphia Baptist Church Family!
Welcome to our new “Discover the Difference” Pastor’s Blog Site.
I would like for this to become a connecting point between myself as pastor, and our church family to stay in the know regarding church activities, updates, prayer requests, schedule changes and PBC news. NOW ESPECIALLY it is vital that we as God’s people stay in touch with one another and serve one another and remain connected during this unusual time.
Wednesday Night, March 18th – we are looking at several options such as, Facebook Live” broadcast, or either posting a written Bible Study on this site, or by e-mail. I will let you know ASAP (as my technological abilities permit, lol). Sunday Morning, March 22nd at 10:30 we are working on possibly a Facebook Live broadcast or a “live stream” at 10:30. We will let you know as soon as we are able to confirm these. PLEASE – pray for one another and for our church during this time, and let’s turn this “seeming” OBSTACLE into an OPPORTUNITY as we reach out to those around us with encouragement and love, and give a positive testimony for Jesus Christ. IT IS IMPORTANT to realize that there are many WONDERFUL opportunities in our “Social Distancing” situation.
1. We have much needed Family and Home time – take advantage of it
2. Unsaved people are anxious and more open to hearing how Jesus loves them, encourage them to “Discover the Difference” that Jesus Christ makes!
3. Give thanks for our church, and realize what a privilege we have at PBC
4. We may have more time to read and meditate on God and His Word.
We are honoring the authorities placed over us as Romans 13 instructs us to because, “The powers that be are ordained of God.” (Romans 13:1). Our President and our Governor have both asked churches for their help by cancelling services for now. It is important to remember that they are not mandating us to do so, or exercising their power to force us to, but rather they are asking for our help. We are endeavoring to honor their request with dignity and respect.

REMEMBER – YOU ARE LOVED, and…. “this too shall pass”
Bro. Rob

A BIG “Thank You” to Alan Kennedy for creating this Blog Page!

4 Replies to ““DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE” Pastor’s Blog”

  1. I look forward to these blogs and live streams. You are my Inspiration Bro.Rob and i will continue praying for all our church family. I love you all. Thank yall for y’alls help.

  2. praise the Lord for modern tech.and for Allen and his smarts,so proud of our Church family,and the power the LORD has given to Bro.Rob to keep us informed. Love yall

  3. This a great medium to keep connected to PBC. Thanks Alan for setting this blog up. Sunday service was great. Brother Rob says he will use facebook live again for Wed Night.

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